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A proposal-based corporation dedicated to building our next generation through contributions to clientele, employees, and society alike.

Founded in 1935 and thriving today as an eco-leading company, Nagasaki Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the integrated manufacturing and treatment of ironware. Capitalizing on our integrated short lot manufacturing system, we produce a wide variety of products with a quick turnaround, receiving particularly high acclaim in the field of heavy sheet metal bending. Further, in an effort to meet current environmental needs, we recently entered the renewable energy sector, expanding our product base to solar panel mount design and construction, including the installation of mega-solar systems.

Corporate profile

Company name:
Nagasaki Industry Co., Ltd.
Kakitsubata 47, Narumi-chou, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, 468-0801 Map
Yoji Nagasaki
Date Founded:
1935 (Showa 10)
48 million Yen
200 (as of 2017)
Main certifications:
ISO 9001 (April, 2006), ISO 14001 (December, 2008), Construction Business License (Electrical Contracting, Aichi Governor`s Permit [Special 26] No. 106475 / Plumbing [Special 26] No. 106475)
TDM, Co. Ltd, NGK Insulators, Toyota Motor Corporation, Kyocera Corporation, Kyocera Communications, Kyocera Solar Corporation, Energy Support Corporation, Shinmei Industry Co., Ltd., Hayashi Telempu Corporation, Solex, and more.

Business overview

・Metal fixtures for overhead power lines:

U-Clevises produced entirely inhouse, from resource supply to the cutting, forging, pressing, bending, welding, and final assembly.

・Industrial vehicle parts:

We manufacture a wide variety of parts for use in forklifts, cranes, platform trucks and the like.

・Automobile sensor assembly:

Nox sensors designed for testing and controlling the concentration of nitrous oxide produced by diesel cars.

・Logistics equipment:

Tailored specifically to our clients` requests, we design, manufacture, and finish carrying pallets of diverse and complex shapes for the transportation of parts between and within companies.

・Solar panel mounts and spiral stakes:

An eco-friendly project for utilizing and respecting our natural environment, we design, manufacture and install solar panel mounts to specifically match the needs of each customer.

・Iron Lab:

Metal accessories and everyday goods produced in collaboration with Nagoya University of Arts.

Group Companies

As members of a manufacturing group, we pursue business activities that contribute to society.

Solar power generation backed by an integrated production system and a proven record of success.

・Solaris Hope Co., Ltd.

1-34-20 Ishida-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 467-0067
Tel +81-52-858-3133

“Solaris Hope solar systems, expanding to locations worldwide.”

Offering advanced technology and quality, we are a certified technology provider for Kyocera Solar Corporation, one of the main drivers behind the solar energy industry for many years. All our solar panel modules are made by Kyocera, and everything from planning to installation is handled inhouse through our integrated production system, allowing us to provide lower costs and faster delivery times.

・Multi-copter labo Co. Ltd.

1-34-20 Ishida-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 467-0067
Tel +81-52-859-2010

"Zoom ahead to a world of possibilities with Multi-copter."

We are a group of professionals involved in pioneering R&D on multicopters, which can be utilized in actual workplaces. We propose more effective usage methods in every field through advanced fuselage development and expert operating technologies.

・Nagasaki International Pte. Ltd.

111 North Bridge Road, #21-01
Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098
Tel +65-6849-5439

"Market coverage with a focus on Asia."

We cover the Asian market from our base in Singapore. We conduct off-grid solar system design and development as well as on-grid solar system supervision.

・Dalian Nagasaki SMZ Ind. Co., Ltd.

Anzishan Village, Gezhenbao Town, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, China,116035
Tel +86-411-86459660

"Taking our manufacturing strengths worldwide."

We provide products not only for Japan, China, and other Asian countries, but for Europe and North America as well. In recent years, we have been actively involved in the production of our solar panel frames, which have garnered global attention.

・Team Ecollabo Co. Ltd.

47 Kakitsubata, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 458-0801
Tel +81-52-680-8555

“Achieving a better future through corporate partnerships - a platform for eco-friendly business.”

We want to leave the environment in better condition for our future children, and we want to revitalize the small and medium businesses that are fundamental to Japan. Guided by these concepts, we use the technologies of participating companies to produce environmental products.


We strive to contribute to our customs, employees, and society by:

Responding at a high level both promptly and accurately to meet all of our clients` needs!

Respecting the dignity of our employees by creating and maintaining a fair, clean, and safe working environment!

Making a conscientious effort to preserve resources and protect the environment in which we work and live!

Advancing our business through continued investment in facilities, research development, and new ideas!

Our company is powered by the burning pursuit of these 4 goals.